About Sun Prairie Parks Friends:

In late 2020, a group of Sun Prairie residents, who are passionate about Sun Prairie parks, began discussions on the formation of a non-profit organization with the purpose of supporting the city’s park system. The group has since incorporated as the Sun Prairie Parks Friends, Inc. (SPPF) and is a 501(C)(3), public charity. Donors are able to deduct contributions and SPPF is qualified to accept bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts as tax deductible contributions.

Through volunteering, fundraising, advocacy, and collaboration, SPPF assists in the preservation and improvement of recreational opportunities, land, ecosystems, structures, and equipment within Sun Prairie Parks.

While membership does not entail a requirement for attending meetings or events and is largely a gesture of support, SPPF does hold an annual meeting in January for members that are interested. The membership elects the directors to three year terms and can vote on matters that may require input. Members are invited to attend events throughout the year such as work days in the parks, exclusive members picnics in the parks, and other gatherings. The board of directors meet monthly and welcome the input of all members and the community at their meetings.

Current members of Sun Prairie Parks Friends include:

Name(s) Type Start Date Expiration Date
Joy Bakken    Annual - Family 4/4/2021 4/4/2023
Faustina Bohling and Brian Euclide Annual - Family 6/21/2022 6/21/2023
Maureen Crombie and Larry Ramirez Annual - Family 5/13/2021 5/29/2023
Archie Degnan and Dorothy Degnan Annual - Donation 7/3/2021 5/7/2023
Steve DePrey    Annual - Donation 5/5/2022 5/5/2023
Bill Dunlop and Amy Dunlop Lifetime - Individual 2/25/2021 Lifetime Member
Kirk Eilenfeldt and Heidi Eilenfeldt Annual - Donation 1/1/2021 5/24/2023
Leah Fischer    Annual - Donation 5/12/2023 5/12/2023
Gary Haltaufderheide    Annual - Donation 8/3/2021 5/12/2023
Aimee Higgins    Annual - Donation 5/5/2022 5/5/2023
Ernest Highley    Annual - Donation 12/31/2020 5/14/2023
Bob Holling and Jan Holling Annual - Family 2/24/2021 5/26/2023
Robert Hummer    Annual - Donation 5/5/2023 5/5/2023
Marilyn Jarlsberg    Annual - Individual 5/4/2022 5/4/2023
Phil Jerg and Karen Jerg Annual - Donation 7/17/2021 5/24/2023
Kathleen Kelm    Annual - Individual 8/4/2022 8/4/2023
Rebecca Ketelsen Family Annual - Donation 1/19/2023 1/19/2024
Connie Kielty and Dave Kielty Annual - Family 12/31/2020 5/24/2023
Wayne Kiesow and Jo Kiesow Annual - Donation 1/1/2021 5/5/2023
Sharon Kolb    Annual - Donation 5/8/2022 5/8/2023
Kimberly Koss and Brian Koss Annual - Family 12/31/2020 6/12/2023
Terry Larson and Sue Larson Annual - Family 4/3/2021 4/20/2023
Erik Naumoff    Annual - Individual 4/11/2021 5/22/2023
Leo Papierniak Annual - Donation 5/8/2022 5/8/2023
Janice Pellman-Holsinger and Rich Holsinger Annual - Donation 12/31/2020 5/4/2023
Judie Pfeifer and William Lunney Annual - Donation 6/16/2021 6/19/2023
Mark Piela and Kate Piela Annual - Family 3/17/2021 6/14/2023
Elizabeth Sheehan    Lifetime - Individual 12/18/2021 Lifetime Member
John Sheehan and Dennis Sheehan Lifetime - Family 9/25/2022 Lifetime Member
Theran Stautz and Linda Pergola Annual - Family 5/18/2021 5/25/2023
Jonathan Stevens and Theresa Stevens Annual - Family 2/23/2021 5/24/2023
Joleen Stinson    Annual - Individual 3/2/2021 5/26/2023
Robert Verrette    Annual - Individual 4/2/2022 4/2/2023

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